Metal Parts

Metal Parts

HillEver provides all kinds of customized metal parts, which can be produced through Laser Cutting, NTC Punching, Bending, CNC cutting, Die Casting, and Deep Drawing technologies, In addition to metal products, we also provide a wide variety of processing services, including Painting, Welding, and Assembling.

Deep Drawing
HillEver provides all kinds of deep drawing metal products in terms of size and application.

Die Casting
HillEver’s products can be totally customized. It is one efthe examples of our die casting metal product.

Laser Cutting, NCT Punching, Bending, CNC Cutting
HillEver's customized metal parts can be preducecl threugh Laser Cutting, NET Punching, Bending, and ENE cutting technologies.

HillEver has the capability to provide the whole cabinet of gaming machine. The technology can also be applied to other industries such as vending machine or POS machine.