Metal Parts

HillEver provides all kinds of customized metal parts, which can be produced through Laser Cutting, NTC Punching, Bending, CNC cutting, Die Casting, and Deep Drawing technologies.

In addition to metal products, we also provide a wide variety of processing services, including Painting, Welding, and Assembling.

Harness & Cables

HillEver provides diversified processed harnesses. The product line covers general wire, cable, and one-to-N (N=l,2,3..i) FFC. Moreover, we provide a wide range of cables including DVI, HDMI, SATA, VGA, and VHDCI.

LED Panel

HillEver provides all kinds of LCD-related products from LCD Panel, Driving Board, and Panel Enhanced Performance, to Touch Solution Kit, Open Frame, and Accessories. Furthermore, the panel size ranges from 1.5” to 46”, fulfilling every client’s demand in different applications.

Power Supply

HillEver provides all kinds of power supply, including Enclosed Switching Power Supply, Open Frame Switching Power Supply, External Switching Power Supply, DC/DC Converter, and DC/AC Power Inverter.

Moreover, HillEver's power supply not only can be used in general electronic devices, but also in some specific applications, such as slot machines, video games, and ATX PC Power.

Plastic parts

HillEver provides all kinds of Plastic Parts and different types of manufacturing procedures, such as Plastic Injection and Molding.

Circuit Board

HillEver provides various circuit boards and related products, including Power Amplifier, Industry Board, Rigid 81 Flex Board, and Blind 81 Buried Board.

Bill validator & Coin acceptor

HillEver provides many types of Bill Validator and Coin Acceptor.

We also offer products with customized functions and services in order to meet client’s demand in different currency systems.

Card Reader

HillEver provides diffrent types of card reader including insertion type, Motorized type, and induction type with diversified optional functions.

Our machine accepts cards ranging from low-level magnetic cards to high-level RF cards and can be applied not only to the casino industry, but also general vending machines, kiosk , and even parking lots.

Spare Parts

HillEver provides all kinds of spare parts for the IT industry, such as Speaker, Battery, Legend, Video Card, Tower Light, Modified Push Button, Fan, and Ram.