The Space is a super compact kiosk perfect to be used for tight confines as well as economical markets. Small yet powerful, the Space features a fully functional IPC, versatile payment options (QR, NFC) and a 21.5" touch screen.



The Trophy is designed to break traditional design confines of kiosks with its sleek profile and large touch screen. Combined with up to four NFC readers and a 1D/2D QR code reader, the Trophy is a capable and sleek kiosk system for the new era.



Purposely designed for the food ordering industry, the Trooper is optionally available with an easy-to-move base or its sleek design makes it ideal for counter-top or table-top mounting. Equipped with a fully functional IPC with wired and wireless connectivity, NFC readers and QR code reader, the Trooper can be easily customized to meet any usage scenarios.



The Dynamic payment kiosk is the ideal kiosk solution for next-generation smart parking lots. It features both cash and cash-less payment options with security features and a hardened cabinet design.


The Castle is a highly versatile cabinet designed with a large access door that can be customized with various screen and payment system options. The cabinet can also be out-fitted with various LED lighting options to spice up the design for different usage scenarios.



Atril is designed for self-serviced kiosk. Featuring its elegant curve, Atril shows the perfection integration of aesthetic and function.

18.5”/ 21”/23” monitor
Light weight
Delicate curve


Pringo is a customized kiosk designed for "Print and go".

Pringo features a 23-inch widescreen. It is firm and durable due to its metal structure and can print both document and photo through cloud system. Pringo will bring user the most delightful experience.



Standalone Digital Signage

Elegant Exterior with Mirror Acrylic Design

Miro Specification
23” monitor
Industrial printer
Large scale mirror acrylic
135 sets for 40” container